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Japanese Name 苫木シズカ
Rōmaji Tomagi Shizuka
Age 29
Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Purple
Personal Status
Status Alive

'Shizuka Tomagi' (苫木シズカ Tomagi Shizuka) is a new character in the sequel, 7th Dragon 2020-II. She is voiced by Aoi Yuuki.


Shizuka has long, voluminous purple hair and blue eyes. She is almost always seen wearing an office lady uniform with a beige blazer on top, black under-rim glasses as well as the Murakumo armband.


A member of Murakumo's Unit 1, serving as an executive secretary. Though appearing rather slow and clumsy, she has unusually high management sense, evident by her near-spotless work record. Finds happiness and satisfaction simply by being useful to others due to her devoted personality. She originally intended to take a qualification exam for becoming an Aroma Sommelier but entered the wrong testing venue, unwittingly taking the Murakumo secretarial exam instead. Despite the mix-up, she ended up getting a perfect score in said test, an unprecedented feat in the organization's history. During the dragon invasion in 2021, she supported Unit 13 to the best of her abilities.
Character Description, 7th Dragon 2020 & 2020-II Visual Collection.


Shizuka first appears in the Diet Building's entrance hall, accidentally tripping in front of Unit 13 while rushing to catch up to them. She introduces herself as a member of the Executive Division, but assures them that she's just a newcomer secretary assigned as support and not a high-ranking official. Shizuka's main responsibilities were collecting reports from other departments, keeping track of Unit 13's schedules as well as other odd jobs for Murakumo's top brass.

Chapter 1[]

After Emel takes over as Murakumo's temporary chairman, Shizuka was appointed as an Executive Secretary. The latter was unsure of whether or not she can handle such a tremendous responsibility at first, but takes the job anyway. Her new position also entails resource management: keeping track of development/reconstruction requests sent to her by other Murakumo departments and the civilian refugees under the organization's protection, then enacting them when Unit 13 provides her the required amount of Dz. When not in the command center, she is usually found in the Executive Department window adjacent the Quest Office, where she can receive development orders almost anytime.

Chapter 4[]

Shizuka later sends out a quest for assistance on making a Murakumo PR Newsletter, which is taken by Unit 13. They then proceed to interview Miya, compose an article about Himuro's Unit 10 trainees, and even have a pictorial session with Miroku and Miina.

Shizuka was thrilled with the amount of data collected and starts work on the layout for the newsletter but was stopped by Kirino. He confiscates the data since Murakumo was meant to be an organization working behind the scenes. Therefore, any form of promotion is unnecessary, even considered a violation as per the organization's bylaws due to the risk of leaking classified information. Though disappointed that her newsletter's development was nipped in the bud, Shizuka nonetheless appreciated Unit 13's efforts.


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Notes & Trivia[]

  • In one of Shirou Miwa's rough sketches, it is mentioned that Shouji resembles an upperclassman that Shizuka once dated in college. It is not known however whether this is a canon tidbit or just the designer playing around.

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