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SECT 11 is the special USA military force in 7th Dragon 2020-II. They have arrived to Japan in order to kill the dragons with Squad 13.

Every member in SECT 11 have special abilities, just like Squad 13.


SECT 11 is a special force from USA with special abilities. The members of SECT 11 consist of Shouji, Izumi and other soldiers with special powers and abilities. At the beginning of the game they rescued Squad 13, but was low on power because of Formalhaut's rebirth.

As the game continues SECT 11 start to argue with USA's President David, since the President pushes SECT 11 to do the dirty work. The President is sick of the Justification where USA has to protect the world and defeat the dragons. In fact, he doesn't actually care about Japan at all and only plots to take it over after it's destroyed.

Later in battle with Squad 13 in Kokubunji they become real allies. They disobey the President's order and cooperates with Squad 13. The reason being before the battle they saw Squad 13 disobey orders and making saving people their top priority before following the mission.


  • In terms of power, SECT 11 is shown more powerful than the regular Self Defense Forces of Japan. An example in 7th Dragon 2020, is when many SDF soldiers die because of a Enemy's plasma cannon attack while a SECT 11 member survives easily from the attack.