7th Dragon 2020 Wiki
Rōmaji Neko (Yasuko Ariake)
Age 20 (2020)

21 (2020-II)

Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Orange
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives MP Ariake (father)
First Appearance
Game After being defeated by the first Imperial Dragon in 2020 series
Voice Actors
Japanese Yukana Nogami

'Neko' (ネコ Neko) is a female SKY member working alongside with Daigo.


Neko is an orphan that grew up with Daigo and Takehaya. They were initially adopted by Murakumo and experimented on by orders of Natsume. They escaped from the Murakumo and have hated the organization since then, forming their own Dragon hunting group named SKY, which doubled as a group where other people with no place to go to could gather under.

2020 series[]

Neko first appears at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (東京都都庁) in Chapter 0 where she and Daigo save soon-to-be-rival Unit 13 from Dragon, Warcry. She appears once more at Shibuya as an enemy. They treat Unit 13 with hostility until the trio challenge Unit 13 to a fight to prove if they are true hunters. After Natsume's disappearance they and SKY's refugees are given shelter at Tokyo City Hall as an ally. In chapter 5, Neko is present in the Navigator control room when watching the live footage of the Tokyo Tower Mizuchi slaughter, to which she expresses shock at the number of dead bodies of citizens and soldiers at the hands of Natsume Later in-game it is revealed that Neko was Governor Ariake's biological daughter, but Neko vehemently denies it at first saying that she was sold by her parents and SKY is her only family.

Proceeding with her side story, she then learns that she was not sold but actually kidnapped. She later slowly tries to open up to her father.

2020-II series[]

Additional Information[]

  • In SKY, She treats Takehaya as her "father" and Daigo as her "mother".
  • She owns a pendant given to her by Takehaya.
  • Her father, Mr. Ariake, said that she resembles her deceased mother.
  • In 2020 series, after doing all of quests related to her she will give you the Nyan Claw (にゃんクロウ) and Nyan Parka (にゃんパーカー), equipments for the Psychic class, telling Unit 13 that it is the very equipment that she uses in battle.
  • Neko is of the Psychic class, and can coordinate her magical attacks with Takehaya's sword combos for more damage.


Neko shown in-game