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Japanese Name 日暈棗
Rōmaji Hikasa Natsume
Race Human (Human/Dragon later)
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Voice Actors
Japanese Nana Mizuki

'Natsume Hikasa' (日暈棗 Hikasa Natsume) is the initial Murakumo President in the 2020 Era's story who recruits individuals with the potential skills to defeat the space Dragons. Her position is temporarily succeeded by Kirino after her transformation and in 7th Dragon 2020-II by Emel.


She is introduced as the President of Murakumo early in game while in a press conference with some Japanese politicians.

When Gatou dies saving Unit 13 from a Dragon's cannon attack, she is apathetic and unsympathetic to the survivors which causes Aoi to slap her for treating their lives as tools rather than people.

She later betrays Murakumo, making use of their improved dragon research from Unit 13's efforts, to transform into a human-dragon hybrid named Mizuchi.

She then proceeds to brutally kill Aoi and other soldiers at the bottom of Tokyo Tower, leaving their bodies to become nutrients for the Flowaro, and sparing only a distraught Kirino who helplessly witnessed her murders while being protected by Aoi. At the topmost parts of a distorted Tokyo Tower, she confronts and is defeated by Unit 13, and calls out Kirino's name in her dying breaths.


She is a rather business-oriented person, being one of the heads of the long-standing Murakumo company. She has a cold-hearted stance to her subordinates, but despite her generally uncaring personality, she seems to trust her direct subordinate Kirino to a certain degree.

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