7th Dragon 2020 Wiki
Japanese Name 初音ミク
Rōmaji Hatsune Miku
Age 16
Birthday August 31st
Gender Female
Height 158 cm / 5'2"
Weight 42 kg
Eye Color Teal blue
Hair Color Teal blue

'Miku Hatsune' (初音ミク Hatsune Miku) of Crypton Future Media's VOCALOID voice synthesizer series makes an official collaboration appearance in the 7th Dragon 2020 series.

7th Dragon 2020

She can be met upon completing a quest by saving her from a dragon. Completing the quest gives Unit 13 a new alternative BGM option, "DIVA" mode, which changes all the instrumental in-game music to MIku vocal remixes (including the credits BGM). She can then be found in front of a microphone on the DIVA Floor as an NPC.

7th Dragon 2020-II

Miku Type 2021 can be saved in a quest and will sing the DIVA mode songs again as a special option.

Additional Information

  • She also sings the opening theme of the game, "SeventH-HeaveN". Composed by the VOCALOID music composer sasakure.UK.
  • She returns in the sequel, 7th Dragon 2020-II and sings the opening theme, "HeavenZ-ArmZ" composed by the same composer that made "SeventH-HeaveN", sasakure.UK.
  • The DIVA Mode Soundtrack is a separately purchasable 3CD soundtrack from the regular 7th Dragon 2020 Original Soundtrack and 2020-II Soundtrack, and contains the DIVA Mode remixes from both the 2020 games.


​Opening of 2020+2020-II & DIVA Mode


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