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Gatou Corps, also known officially as Unit 10, are a Dragon hunting unit under Murakumo's supervision alongside Unit 13. The known members consist of Nagare, Aoi Unose, and Himuro. Their leader is Gatou, a veteran soldier.


At the start of the game, Murakumo's tenth unit, Gatou Corps is the support team for the new Murakumo Unit 13 recruits, the player's team, with Gatou acting as Unit 13's mission guide.

Later, on mission to save stranded citizens in the Flowaro and plant-ridden Shibuya, Unit 13 meets Unit 10's youngest recruit, Aoi Unose, fighting by herself against monsters to protect a citizen; Unit 13 helps Aoi to fend off the enemy and from then on Aoi starts viewing Unit 13 as her senpai, because of their great strength.

Aoi Unose is the most recent recruit of the Gatou Corps before their total dissipation by Chapter 5.

In 7th Dragon 2020-II, the Unit 10 is remade as Himuro Corps.