7th Dragon 2020 Wiki
Rōmaji Gatou
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown

'Gatou' (ガトウ Gatou) is an old veteran soldier who initially guides the Unit 13 during their first mission to reclaim the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building which would become the initial Murakumo main base.


Gatou is the bearded man with dark brown hair and wears green attire, black boots and a purple scarf.


Later his team is joined by the young rookie Aoi Unose. He later sacrifices himself to protect his allies from a enemy blast and is mourned. An illusion of him appears later in game at a gravesite infested by Flowaro and dragons.

Post-game, in the Ancient Country Prefecture, Phantom Capital special dungeon (旧国府/幻影首都), Gatou appears as one of the apparitions of the many deceased people that died in the course of the dragons' invasion. When talked to, he chats shortly with Unit 13 before disappearing in a beam of light.

Additional Information[]

  • By reading the first game's save data in 2020-II when starting a New Game, players can obtain along, with several one-time use items, an accessory named Gatou's Bandanna which raises all stats except SPD by 5.