7th Dragon 2020 Wiki
Japanese Name エメル
Rōmaji Emeru
Age Over 100 Years
Race ?
Gender Female
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Blonde
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Aitelle
First Appearance
Game 7th Dragon, 2020, 2020-II.
Voice Actors
Japanese Yukari Tamura

'Emel' (エメル Emeru) is a mysterious woman first seen interacting with the US president Jack Muller in 7th Dragon 2020 as his aide, but later travels to Murakumo's base in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.


Emel makes her first appearance as a tall woman in the prologue talking to the US President, Jack Muller, while acting as the US President's aide and adviser for the Dragon hunting expeditions in the United States region.

After Murakumo leader, Natsume Hikasa disappears, Natsume deliberately transforms into a human Dragon hybrid, Mizuchi through use of the Dragon corpse samples Murakumo has collected and experimented, intentionally betraying Murakumo and the human race by going in a killing spree, killing the US President, inciting Emel to travel to Tokyo to see the rumored Unit 13 she has heard about overseas.

At some point off-screen Emel's body reverts to the size of a child and she later travels to Tokyo to Murakumo's base where she reunites with her younger sister Aitelle and meets Unit 13 for the first time, learning directly of their feats in defeating the Dragon invaders. There, she reveals that she and Aitelle had their home planet Hypnos was destroyed by a Dragon invasion hundreds of years ago and they came to Earth in search of people who could hunt the Dragons.

In the final chapter, She watches Unit 13 from the ground defeating the True Dragon Nyala at the top of the space-warped Tokyo Tower alongside Aitelle.

After the credits sequence, she and Aitelle are seen walking towards a wounded and fallen Takehaya in a deserted street.


One year later, she later takes over as the leader of Murakumo, replacing Natsume's role and is the main adviser on hunting Dragons.

7th Dragon[]

In Eden, Emel is a leader figure and when of the few living people from 2020.

7th Dragon III Code:VFD[]

Emel and Aitelle are known by the ISDF and Nodens Company as they are recorded in history. Yoritomo and other characters that know of them often call them the Hypnos Sisters, referencing their origins.

Later, Nodens' Unit 13 encounters a now more grown up Emel and Aitelle when they travel to the future Eden.

Additional Information[]

  • Emel's physical appearance changes into a child's form at the end of the 1st game.
  • In 7th Dragon (the first installment on the Nintendo DS), she is the ruler of a town named "Pleroma" and came from Tokyon to stop the dragons invasion.
  • The Flowaro effect caused her to shrink to a child's body, however in 2020-II her body seemingly has grown into a slightly taller child form.
  • By the time of Eden (Code:VFD time), Emel's body has grown up from her child body to a young adult form, closely matching Aitelle's stature.


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