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Rōmaji Daigo (Tendō Daigo)
Age 25 (2020)

26 (2020-II)

Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
First Appearance
Game After being defeated by the first Imperial Dragon in 2020 series
Voice Actors
Japanese Daisuke Ono

'Daigo' (ダイゴ Daigo) is a SKY member working alongside with Neko and Takehaya.


Daigo is an orphan that grew with Neko and Takehaya. The three of them were adopted by Murakumo as children and were experimented on by the orders of Natsume. They subsequently escaped from Murakumo and have continued to hate the organization since then, forming a youth group named SKY, which purposes are to oppose Murakumo and hunt Dragons.


He was first appeared at Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (東京都都庁) at Chapter 0 where he and Neko saved Unit 13 from Warcry.

He appeared once more at SKY's base in Shibuya as an enemy, revealing his, Neko's, and Takehaya's hatred for Murakumo as a whole.

Takehaya, Neko and Daigo remain hostile to Unit 13 for some time until the trio challenge Unit 13 to a fight to prove if they really are true hunters. After losing to Unit 13, they acknowledge their worth and are less hostile towards Unit 13.

After Natsume's disappearance, Daigo and SKY were given shelter along with other citizen refugees at Tokyo City Hall as an ally.

In Chapter 5, when Natsume reemerges as the mutated Mizuchi, Daigo and Neko are present in the Navigator room watching the live footage of Aoi and Kirino face against Mizuchi at the bottom of Tokyo Tower, where Neko is shocked at all the citizen and soldier corpses at the base of the tower.

After Unit 13 defeats the last Dragon at the top of the space-warped Tokyo Tower, Daigo and Neko can still be found in the Murakumo building.


He reappears in 2020-II again, alongside Neko, this time playing a more minor role than before, and no longer the main rival group clashing against Unit 13; the main rival role being given to SECT 11.

Additional Information[]

  • In 2020 series, after doing all of quests related to him he will give you the Bare Knuckle (無手) and Soul Steel (ハガネの魂), equipments for Destroyer.
  • Daigo is of the Destroyer class.
  • He is well liked by children.


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