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Kyara39 Kyara39 10 October 2018

The wiki

(Copy-pasted from the Code: VFD wiki)

I finally got the chance to play the game a few weeks ago and after beating it, my interest to the series has reignited. I'm currently replaying the first game and am looking forward to play 2020-II after the fan translation is complete.

There are currently three 7th Dragon wikis each dedicated to their own game in the series. Yukari 2020 and I talked about merging them all together a long time ago in the 2020 wiki. After all these years I've decided to make this happen: all information will be added in the 7th Dragon wiki, since it has the best domain name. The reason why I am doing this is because having one wiki for all games is better than having three wikis for three (four with 2020-II) separate gam…

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Almighty Nagamimi Almighty Nagamimi 11 December 2017

Hiro Shimono


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Kyara39 Kyara39 20 February 2014

7th Dragon 2020 Comic

For some time ago, I discovered a comic anthology of 7th Dragon 2020 by surfing around on internet.

Judging from some raw scans found in google pictures, the plot is about the playable characters like the hacker girl, the male samurai and the psychic male.

If anyone knows any data about it, please create a page and summarize the plot so that people can get a 'picture' about what it is.


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Kyara39 Kyara39 7 December 2013

To-do List!

This blog post will be updated from time to time.

The 7th Dragon 2020 wiki is slowly improving, but there's really much left to do. So I took my free time to write this list so that it could be easier to know what needs to improving and such things. Remember, all help is appriciated! This wiki really needs more editors, so the more the merrier!

  1. More data about, well, everything. For example more details about all characters and more info about other things like soundtracks, game mechanics etc. This is what this wiki lack the most so I guess it got the number 1. to-do.
  2. More photos. Especially on classes, characters and other things that involves with the story.
  3. More pages. There is still many pages that doesn't exist on this wiki that is really important…

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