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7th Dragon 2020 3rd-Encount is a unused trademarked name and logo made by Sega in 2012.


  • Originally seeming to be the concept title of the fourth game 7th Dragon III Code:VFD, the logo was trademarked in 2012, but following the release of Code: VFD, it seems to be unused.
  • The word encount(エンカウント) is used in Katakana* in-game for 7th Dragon 2020 and the whole 7th Dragon series (*Japanese word system for expressing foreign words or bringing attention to certain words similar to American comic text bolding).
  • The combination of the concept title of a "number + encount" was reused as a in-game name for Nodens Corp's virtual reality game system in 7th Dragon III Code:VFD, where players can hunt Mamono and Dragons in a virtual reality simulator.